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Reduce Downtime



Insufficient Spares Inventory in House

  • Auditing Installed Base to determine what’s needed in the storeroom to support production
  • Work with our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Specialists to ensure stock is managed to pre-determined levels
  • Leverage a Parts Management Agreement (PMA) to cost effectively maintain RA hardware in your storeroom

Maintenance of End of Life, Obsolete or Critical Assets

  • Conduct an Installed Based Evaluation (IBE) to obtain life cycle identification of your automation products
  • Create a Migration Road Map to proactively replace end of life or obsolete products
  • Technology Migration services

Network Disruptions/Cyber Attacks

  • Conduct a Risk Posture Assessment to determine network vulnerabilities
  • Remediate Vulnerabilities to increase network security
  • Real Time Monitoring of network activity

Bridging the Skillset Gap

  • Virtual Learning
  • Classroom Learning
  • Customized Training to meet individual needs

Supporting Plant Operations

  • Software Updates and technical phone support
  • Emergency Technical Assistance
  • Remote Monitoring and support
  • Virtual Support through artificial intelligence

Predictive / Preventative Maintenance

  • Monitor Critical Assets in real time and proactively plan for preventative maintenance
  • Quarterly Health Checksfor critical assets

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